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Forest Visualization Script for Nature Lovers, Guided Visualization Script

guided forest visualization script - guided forest visualization practice
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Written by Mojtaba

In these busy days, we sometimes feel like we’re locked up in the city. We would like to go into the woods and experience peace again.

A few days before I became tired of the city lifestyle. All I wanted to do was step into the woodlands and lose myself there. That was enough for me.

Instead of driving to the woods, I did a forest visualization, a guided forest visualization practice

Happily, by listening to music and using the power of imagination, we can start an adventure in the forest right now.

How Long Should It Be

It depends on you. For me, 10 or 15 minutes is enough. The duration of practice doesn’t matter. Just pay attention to the quality of your visualization.

How to Start Forest Visualization Practice

Picture yourself on a pleasant day in the forest. Try to Imagine every single sound. Create your adventure by soaking yourself in the music of Mother Nature.

Forest Visualization Script

Sit on a comfortable chair. Take a few deep breaths and relax. Release your body from all tensions. Close your eyes. Play the music and let’s go on.

Imagine yourself in the forest. The birds’ voices come from around. You listen to each of these sounds. The wind blows softly and touches your skin. What a great feeling.

Your feet are bare. Amble. You Touch the soil and dry leaves with your bare feet. You notice the crunching sounds of dry leaves. Wonderful.

You pass the trees slowly. You touch the large, moss-covered trunks of trees by your fingers. As if they are alive and notice your presence. Feeling the flow of life in everything.

You are too gentle. Walk slowly and consciously because you don’t want to hurt the earth. You become one with Mother Nature.

Look at everything. You see the small particles in the light. You see the branches shaking in the air. Sunlight passes through the leaves and reaches you.

Wow, A feeling of ecstasy engulfs you as if you were a child again and amazed to see everything.

In the center of this forest, you are really alone. There is no human or civilization near you. And your only concern is: Do I have the opportunity to see all the beauties of the world?

Keep going on. Close your eyes and fall into it. Remember all of your childhood dreams in the woods. Pay attention to every detail.

To sum up, take a few deep breathes and do some stretching. Now you did a forest visualization practice.

Do not limit yourself. Try every niche that you like. In the next weeks, I’m going to talk more about guided visualization scripts.

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