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How to Radiate Feminine Energy? A Guide for Divine Feminine Awakening

How to radiate feminine energy? What is feminine energy? Divine feminine awakening and tap into your feminine energy
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Morteza Roshan
Written by Morteza Roshan

While all of us are born as male or female, not all of us are necessarily born with masculine or feminine energies. Many of us tend to lean more toward one or the other, regardless of our gender. However, most of this is conditioned. You can make either one more dominant than the other. Start implementing these strategies to immediately be able to tap into your divine feminine energy. Start to understand how to radiate feminine energy.

What is Feminine Energy?

The divine feminine energy focuses on receiving the present moment, life experiences, and the presence of the opposite sex in a relationship. While the masculine energy always represents being focused and assertive.

The feminine focuses on enjoying what is already in your life and finding the good in all that is around you. While the masculine will focus on moving forward and gaining new things in life.

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The Benefits of Radiate Feminine Energy

Romantically speaking, a powerful divine female energy becomes a magnet for attracting high-quality masculine into their life.

Just like with magnets, it takes a positive charge and a negative charge to attract to one another.

And hence there will be little attraction if two people have the same dominant energy.

Furthermore, a woman that taps into her feminine side has a strong sense of self-worth.

She is comfortable in her skin and doesn’t need verification from other people to know who she is.

Because she knows her identity and is at peace with it.

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What Is Daily Habits to Radiate Feminine Energy?

The greatest hobbies, habits, or any other practice for tap into your feminine energy is any activity that involves being present, creating beauty, or focusing on beauty.

  • Dancing
  • Art
  • Reading a novel
  • Taking long walks in nature
  • become present with the magnificence of the world surrounding us

It can be anything from a leaf falling to the sound of an ocean wave crashing on the shore to feel more divine feminine energy.

All creative ways to focus on beauty and falling in love with the present moment.

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1. Creating a Gratitude Ritual for Divine Feminine Awakening

An effortless way to enjoy the small things in life and find beauty in everything is to have a gratitude ritual. Doing this in the morning works best for most of us. You can starting your day off with a positive, empowering mindset.

Simply take five minutes or so of your time and ask yourself some questions. “What am I grateful for?”. “What do I love about my life?”. “Who do I love and who loves me?”

Just by asking these questions, your brain will instantly elicit divine female energy. This is not only great for tap into your feminine energy. But it is also a great way to start the more masculine, super productive days.

2. Creating An Ecosystem of Feminine Friends for Divine Feminine Awakening

As Jim Rohn says, we are the average of the 5 people that we are around the most.

A woman that spends most of her time around friends that are primarily masculine in nature will tend to become more that way herself.

This doesn’t mean a woman can’t spend time with muscular friends. But rather create a unique friend circle of other women.

Watching romantic movies together, taking up a creative hobby such as artwork, or drinking a coffee at the cafe together.

All of these are enjoyable hobbies that friends can do together to build up each other’s feminine energies.

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3. Taking Time Off and Relaxing To Dial Down The Masculine and Dial-up Feminine Energy

We live in a busy western society. Conditions that puts pressure on us to continually be productive and get things done every single day.

While it is obviously an asset to be productive in our daily lives, staying busy always because society makes us feel inadequate if we don’t is extremely unhealthy.

Give yourself the freedom of being able to do whatever you want and be mindful of every moment.

Having nothing explicitly planned can work wonders for becoming present and finding beauty in the smallest, yet beautiful things for divine feminine awakening.


When you think about divine feminine energy meaning, there is nothing inherently wrong or right about either energy. Just like Yin and Yang.

It is up to each individual to decide their own identity and which power supports who they are the most.

Utilize the strategies above to immediately begin experiencing an explosion of your own divine feminine energy. And start experiencing every moments of your life in a much more beautiful way.

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