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Let the Past Be the Past: Letting Go of the Past and Moving Forward

Let the Past Be the Past, Letting Go of the Past and Moving Forward, learning to let go of the past
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Written by Morteza

Fears, anxieties, and failures are common in our lives. You are part of this world. So, you are not an exception. You may have some bad memories in your past. But you can’t let that fear ruin your life. So you have to let go of the past and moving forward.

You may suffer from phobias, anxieties, and bad memories. Sometimes these past events make a barrier between you and your success. It becomes hard to overcome these experiences and memories. But if you think genuinely, then you can find out the real problem.

The root of your problem lies deep within you. Your mind needs to let go of your past. Past is something that hinders your “present”-s progress. So you are losing precious moments of your life.

Let The Past Be The Past

This line may sound easy. But for some people, it may not be so easy to let their past go. “Leo Tolstoy” has written a great story. The story is called – “Three Questions.” In this story, a King had three questions. One of his questions was – “What is the most important time?”

He visited a hermit to seek the answer to these questions. The hermit told him that the past and the future are beyond anybody’s control. So, one should concentrate only on the present time. One can control the present. So, it’s the most critical time.

This story tells that you should never dwell in the insignificant past. The present time is valuable for your future. If you hold on to your bad memories, you will ruin your present and future.

Learning To Let Go Of The Past

Practice can make anything perfect. Hence, you have to learn to let go of the past. Some ways are discussed below to help to let go of all of your past fears and hesitations.

Human Can Make Mistakes

Every human being makes mistakes. You are not God. You just can’t be perfect all the time. You may have made mistakes in the past. Because you were inexperienced. This doesn’t mean that you will repeat that mistake.

Just recognize your true self. You have to rise, and you have to try for the second time. No fear can let you down. Face your past, face your fears. Do whatever it takes to rectify your mistakes. Just give yourself a second chance. Have faith in your self, and you will progress in your life and then let go of your past.

Are You Really Alone?

If you think that you are a helpless victim, then it’s not right for you. It may console you temporarily. But you will lose your courage to fight back all your fears. You will be sitting in a dark corner of your room, and you can never break the vicious cycle of your past.

There are some good people around you that if you know them, they can heal your mind. It can be your wife, parents, uncle, friend, or a person whom you trust. These people will fill you with courage. They will help you to change and courage to feel life more fully. Just know these persons and fight your battle against all your past fears and bad memories.

Let Your Fears Go

You may have lost your dear ones or your love. You may have failed badly. But if you don’t let your fears go, then, it would be worse. Whatever fear is holding you back, you have to speak about it. Fear is a dark world in your mind. When your brain opens up, the mysterious world of fear will vanish. Hence, you have to speak about your worries.

Almost all of us face catastrophes in our lives. But those who ignore these misfortunes are the winners. A great man said – ‘You have to live life as it comes.’ So let go all of your fears and throw some sun shines on your spirit.

Keep Distance and Be Forgiving

A person or situation may trigger your past concerns. Just keep a distance from the person and the situation. Moreover, you have to forgive yourself and everybody. It’s unjust to make yourself guilty. Just forgive everybody and start a new life and let your fears go.

Rescue Yourself and Learning to Let Go of the Past

This is the most essential step. You have tried once again, You have broken all the circles of fear, and you have to have faith in your self. It’s all, “YOU.” Don’t wait for any apologies, don’t wait for good days. Just push yourself and rescue yourself to letting go of the past and moving forward. You have to create your future and present time is the best time to start it.

“Gita” is an ancient Hindu philosophical book. The book tells that every event has a particular significance in our lives. We always look at the dark side and punish ourselves. But there is a bright side. You have to look at that bright side. Perhaps your past events were not harmful. Your mindfulness can show you the way out. Have faith in yourself and give yourself a second chance. Maybe a life, full of happy moments, is waiting for you after you know you have let the past be the past.

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