LETTER 1: Why We Have Fallen In Love Firstly to Sharing Our Bodies?

Written by Morteza

Dear Reader,

Why we have fallen in love firstly to sharing our beds, our bodies and our souls? I think this idea is wrong in most cases. When we find a desire for him/her, the more we become involved in his/her emotions, we can experience more with that person. But engaging more in external advises and our mind blocks can cause to lower that threshold of pleasure and adding to our illusions. When we are searching for reasons and logical side of these emotions, we get mostly overwhelmed by the mirage & doubts. Also, we moving away faster from that energetic core.

Actually, when we less imposing external world to our relationship, then we have a brighter understanding or connection to JOY. When we have sex on the first date, we experience more pure joy. Of course, this is less accessible in a society that continually misleads itself with stupid medals and tricks. So after that, your inner intentions and desires are entirely covered by doubts and lies very quickly.

From the beginning, you start to deny yourself because your surroundings are more important than your own. Because you didn’t learn to listen to yourself and continuously reduce yourself to something else. You engage yourself in futile and extravagant processes…

In the end, you neither really experienced the feeling of love, nor you get all the pleasures you wanted. You just wasted time. You have lost yourself, and you have increased your illusions and frustrations. And surprisingly you will repeat the same process over and over!

But what if you have sex shamelessly in the first place before you actually have fallen in love?

Yours truly,

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