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Long Distance Dating Idea: Moon Gazing At the Same Time

long distance dating moon gazing
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Morteza Roshan
Written by Morteza Roshan

In this world, where more people’s experiences happen on the Internet, long distance relationship are more common than ever. Many of us experienced long distance relationship through the Internet and technology era, and I don’t want to talk about the terms and conditions of long distance relationships. Today’s friendships are mostly circumscribed to text conversations, voice messages, photos, selfies or videos, and ultimately live videos. Also, there is Kissenger App now, a mobile device that lets people kiss each other from anywhere in the world. However, in the Internet era, there is also a forgotten way to connect more to your long distance lover: Moon gazing in a long distance date under the night sky.

Moon gazing: a gateway to your long distance lover’s heart and even beyond

Be present where you feel comfortable and secure, such as on the terrace, on the roof, or absolutely best option: IN NATURE.

Both doing moon gazing at the same time. It’s better not message to each other while moon gazing so, focusing your attention just to moon, your breathing and your long distance lover.

You can also date on a full moon night for more results.

Take a deep breath when your eyes wide open, try to concentrate on your breaths.

At the same time,you feel the bright moonlight energy coming from your forehead and into your soul and then spreading throughout your whole body.

With each Inhale, try to bring more air and more light into your lungs.

Feel deep happiness, inner joy, and a sense of connection to the earth when you are moon gazing.

If you are in nature, walk with bare feet on soil, forest leaves, or beach sand. Imagine your long distance lover as you are moon gazing and while sensing the connection to the earth.

Raise energy of long distance love and send it to your lover while moon gazing

Feel a deep peace of mind and imagine the light spread in your body flows into her/his body. Moon is now a deep emotional getaway to your long distance love.

For example, you can imagine her/his hugging and the warmth of her/his presence. Continue as long as you have a feeling of satisfaction, more feeling love in your heart, and more peace between you and your long distance lover.

Feel the Lightness in your head, your heart, and your whole body.

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Feel more connected to the core of your long distance relationship

After this long distance date, the feeling of love within you will warm up. If it’s about a shared decision, both of you will be more focused on it.

For example, a decision to move and get closer to each other. Or, a serious decision to living together. If you decide to break up and have a heartfelt desire to do, so you will be more determined about it.

Also, you can share your heart feelings with your long distance lover more peacefully without arguments. In general, your long distance relationship becomes more transparent and more deep-felt.

This creative long distance dating also can increase the synchronization between your minds and souls. Feel that Energy.

Spend time with yourself under moonlight and night sky after long distance dating

If you have enough time, meditate with your eyes closed for at least 5 minutes under the moon.

Also, do not use a cell phone until you finish the meditation.

Overcome your urge to use a cell phone and instead of using telecommunication waves, try to convey your message with your heart and soul for your long distance love.

Interact with the world in more meaningful dimensions without go-betweens.

And finally, drink some freshwater and go on to see the magic of moon gazing in a long distance date.

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