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Happiness Always Is Free, There Aren’t Any Pills for Happiness

finding inner peace and happiness within yourself
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Morteza Roshan
Written by Morteza Roshan

We live in a world where we continuously look for things that give us a sense of peace and happiness. Getting into different relationships and socializing to eating a delicious meal or taking drugs or drinking alcohol, options that can give us a transient and temporary sense of happiness. Of course, none of these can be wrong in itself. We may not be caught in the cycle of futility when we consciously turn to drugs or alcohol or experience different-sex relationships. But have you ever heard about pills for happiness that can be purchased? Or are you thinking that happiness always is free?

There Aren’t Any Pills for Happiness

There are undoubtedly no pills for happiness. (However, you can see happy pills Ads on Google now.) A pill that you can buy at the pharmacy and then take your pill with a glass of water and then BOOM happiness will be there for you.

Then after a few hours when this feeling subsides, the next pill and then BOOM feel the happiness again!

The process of scientific advancement and ever-increasing dominance of the pharmaceutical industry over the lives of people around the world. It is unlikely that we will see widespread advertising for happiness pills shortly.

But in fact, today I don’t want to talk about real pills for happiness or the dominance of the pharmaceutical and medical industry in the modern world over people’s lives. Pills for happiness is a metaphor for many many real things that we may face in everyday life.

Finding Happiness Within Yourself Not on Google

It may be that you have started searching on Google to get the answers you want. And as we all know these days, there are solutions to every problem.

If you are looking for a method to remove wine stains from your white shirt or how to increase your focus during work, you will surely find many useful and practical solutions.

But how do you think about finding happiness within yourself?

How to make a lot of money in a short time? How to find love everywhere you go? What do you think about these questions?

We should always keep in mind that in these cases, primarily relying on the opinions of others as well as being influenced by Google’s search results may have temporary effects on our lives.

Usually, what happens in Google and Google’s algorithms is similar to the kind of a business that all websites try to be on top.

But what google shows are not always best answer. So keep in your mind never search your happiness in others.

Never Search Your Happiness in Others, neither Books nor Google

Our different lives and experiences are not like a classified shelf with all the answers on Google.

When we search among book pages to finding inner peace and happiness, we actually reduce our experience to second-tier reality.

When we search for truth and answers on google, we turn our lives to third-tier reality. Now we have reduced truth of the third category.

It is best to put aside the habit of looking at every answer on Google and looking inside ourselves to find the solutions to the fundamental and vital issues of our lives.

Just remind yourself every day that always finding happiness within yourself.

In fact, the author of a book thinks about selling more before he/she thinks about solving your deep problems.

A Youtuber thinks about to get more views before your problem matters, as well as who holds a course. Just the business itself is essential to them.

So who cares about your problem and your answer vital to you, definitely just yourself, your TRUE SELF. So never search your happiness in others and finding inner peace and happiness within yourself.

Finding Inner Peace and Happiness Within Yourself, Not in the Outside World

If you’ve been searching in books, web pages, and other people’s opinions for a long time. If you can’t rely on yourself for finding inner peace and happiness.

So you have probably lost the ability to hear your inner voice. A fragile sound that is lost due to the different sounds in your head. Voices you inherited from the family.

The sounds that are instilled in you at school.

Views that have become a belief in you through the media.

Happiness Always Is Free

So it is better to go back and find the quiet voice that you have lost and give yourself the power of pure intuition and understanding. Happiness always is free.

Don’t forget there aren’t any pills for happiness.

There isn’t a secret for happiness that can be purchased.

Finding happiness within yourself and never search your happiness in others nor businesses that tell you to pay for buying happiness.

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