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Why Sungazing Is a Life-changing Experience: Sun Gazing Healing Power

Sun Gazing Practice Safely. Best Time for Sun Gazing Meditation. 40-Day Sun Meditation.
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Morteza Roshan
Written by Morteza Roshan

We live in an age, in an era where the urban lifestyle drives us away from nature. Sometimes days go by, and you don’t realize how far you are from life. And most of all, the sunlight because you lock yourselves up in cement cubes. But why you forgot about sun meditation and don’t know anything about sun gazing safe times?

If you are aware, you will like to have a habit of being exposed to the sun. Perform a mindfulness practice to connect with the source of life or the nearest source, sun.

Sun Gazing Healing Power

To understand the healing power of the sun, you must commit to a specific routine to connect with the sun. For example, the first thing you do for several weeks can be exposed to sunlight every morning.

Then your body and mind will be in harmony with the position of the sun in the sky.

In fact, every day, your body needs sunlight. Just like when you are thirsty and drink water.

The need for sunlight is intangible and invisible. Vice versa of the needs of food and water. But paying attention to solar energy will cause tangible changes in the quality of our life.

Experiencing the sun’s energy requires some free time and a little patience and consistency to repeat it every day.

Sun Gazing Practice Safely

There is no specific technique for sun gazing. It is up to you that choosing how you should practice sun gazing.

But one crucial thing to keep in mind is the right time to do sungazing and focus just at this moment.

You must be present entirely in front of the sun, like the sun that shines without a doubt.

If you have never looked at the sun, it is essential to first look with your eyes closed. Then slowly open your eyes and do sun gazing in a short time.

You don’t have to do sun gazing too long on the first day.

Even 10 seconds is enough to get started. Another important thing is the best time to do sun gazing.

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Short sungaze visualization meditation script
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Best Time for Sun Gazing + Practice Duration

Sunset & sunrise are safe times & best time to sun gazing. You should also note how far to the horizon, you can see the sunrise or sunset.

The best and safest time is according to daily sunrise and sunset times in your city.

It is usually best to look at the sun at 15-30 minutes after sunrise or before sunset.

Please note: Some blogs or in Quera have written about the danger of long-term blindness by sunlight, but there is no credible scientific explanation. I think your personal experience and inner feelings are definitely the best guides.

An extended look at the sun cannot be a sign of higher awareness.

Even if you look at it with your eyes closed or only for a short time in safe times, you still get the energy you need.

If it is cloudy, the light and shine of the sun can always be felt.

Sun Gazing Meditation

Meditation with the sun is like all other meditations based on the rhythm of breathing, relaxation and awareness, and some visual imagery.

As you look at the sun, imagine pure light shining somewhere between your eyebrows. Get the sun’s energy through your third eye or your mind and brain.

Try to breathe out the darkness with your breath.

sun gazing meditation.
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Short Sungaze Visualization Meditation Script

Invite sunlight into you with every inhale, and imagine that your space will be emptied of dark matter when you exhale.

  • Wash with pure light by breathing and mental strength.
  • From top to bottom, imagine the colors of the chakras.
  • Imagine purple and bright light coming down on your head.
  • Until your forehead and throat.
  • And then fade turns turquoise and then turn green on your heart.
  • Lower on your navel is a bright yellow glow.
  • And then you feel the orange tinge between your legs.
  • Then you feel the red light and warmness on the end of your spine and anal area.
  • The red light goes into the earth to the center of the planet.
  • You’re connected to the earth’s core. And then it goes up to the opposite way.
  • Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet in your body and place of your chakras.
  • And again, you are connected to the sun from your crown chakra.
  • Now go all the way to the sun with your energy. Ima
  • You are united with the sun, and the sun’s energy comes back to earth, and the universe gives you power.
  • Take a breath and again take some deep breath and feel the light, feel that natural sexy being.

And it rotates not only with you and the sun but also with the sequence of events and the process of your life with your world.

Please note: After you do sun gazing, maybe have less sight and see many gray sun shape on air, but it’s natural like other sources of light. Please don’t do the sun gazing during driving. Don’t do sun gazing if you are on a height dangerous place.

40-Day Sun Meditation

It’s imperative that do sun gazing meditation one a regular 21-day period or 40-day sun meditation.

Do sun meditation at a specific time & same place.

I looked at the sun 5 years ago on a regular 40-day sun meditation out of the city, but its effect is still with me. Although I have never looked at the sun again for 40 consecutive days in my life.

Your Rooftop Is Best Place to Start Sun Gazing Meditation

In the morning or end of the day when you want to do sun gazing, where is the best place? Absolutely where you can walk on the earth barefoot. For Example seashore, jungle or mountain near your home. Or you can walk barefoot in your neighborhood park.

Pay attention before where you want to practice sun gazing have a view of the sun in safe times.

But if you don’t access to a natural place, you can do sun gazing on your rooftop. A rooftop by a view to see sunrise or sunset. Also, you can practice sungazing with your friends, family or your partner.

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