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There Is Nothing Good or Bad. We Are Children with No Name

There Is Nothing Either Good or Bad
Morteza Roshan
Written by Morteza Roshan

None of the seconds of life are alike, life is renewed every moment and every second. It’s not the same as the moment before, every moment that happens in the infinite space of life disappears the same second.

But we want Keeping something that changes from second to second, keeping in mind that it is no longer happening. That has faded into life, replacing with a new, fresh moment.

Whenever something happens, good or bad as we name on it, we want to keep it in mind, while the thing we want to keep has disappeared as soon as it is revealed.

There is nothing either good or bad, and every moment of peace, blessing, joy, pain, envy, anger, hatred, and so on in the space, we are in is boiling and rising.

They do not even belong to us, they belong to life

They are life and the infinite space in which life, trees, animals, thoughts, flowers, plants, the universe, the sky, the sun, the stars and we are manifested, the consciousness and awareness that is present in us at every moment.

In fact, all of them have happened and fall before in life, are accepted by the entity, dissolve and fade away.

Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so, but we are identified with and believe in them.

Because of being equipped with imagination, thought, and resistance, non-acceptance, and judgment.

For example, we feel pain and suffering, sadness and so on are ours, We have to work to fix them.

Of course, we should not lose sight of the idea that they belong to life. No, that’s not true either.

We must accept them and let them be what they are

They all belong to life, just as we are the children with no name and belong to life. So we have to let everyone be as they are, good and bad emotions, suffering, stress, worry, stress.

Life itself knows what to do with them.

Trust life a little bit …

If you are “bad,” will the air refuse to give you oxygen, will flowers refuse to bloom for you, or will the sun refuse to give its warmth? Will food refuse to give its nourishment? When the creation itself is not making any distinction between good and bad, who are you to sit in judgment?

– Sadhguru

And at the end, Listen together to a Brilliant work: A Music by Khen & Guy Mantzur Ft. Kamila – Children With No Name
(Genre: Electronic / House)

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